Car Amplifiers
Don't let cruising become snoozing. Pump your car audio full of power and rock the block on your way to work, running around town, or on a trip. If you're looking to increase the volume and clarity of your car audio system then adding in an amplifier is just what you need.You'll have a better sound quality and you'll definitely need an amp if you're planning on installing subwoofers since it will require significantly more power than some other brand-name or factory in-dash receiver can provide.

Mono amps are generally used for extremely low frequencies (i.e. bass) that are channeled into a single or multiple subwoofers. If you really love your music and you want to get the best out of your car audio/stereo system; you'll be amazed at the difference a mono amp and a subwoofer will make. When choosing an amplifier for your application, remember that it's usually better to use a more powerful amplifier with the gain controls turned down for better reliability.

Class D Amplifiers are typically used to power car subwoofers because of their high power efficiency but are used in other applications from time to time because amplifiers employing Class D technology are suitable for portable and compact high-power applications.

2 channel amps, or stereo amplifiers, are simple solution for upgrading a car audio/stereo system. As a general rule, 2-channel amps are intended to output sound that can be faded between a left speaker and a right speaker, however; many stereo amplifiers can be to power a car subwoofer.

4 channel amplifiers have 2 front (right/left) and 2 rear (right/left) channels. This type of amplifier is the ideal solution for installing 2 pairs of car speakers or 1 pair of speakers and 1 low powered subwoofer by combining or "bridging" the rear right & left channel.

3 Channel Amplifiers are a great addition for powering a pair of speakers and a subwoofer. Improve your sound immensely with an amplifier.

5-channel amplifiers are considered "full system" amplifiers because they enable you to install a 2 pairs of car speakers (front and rear) and a car subwoofer through an included mono channel. While this option doesn't offer the power and versatility of a multi-amplifier setup, a 5-channel amplifier simplifies will greatly simplify the process.

If you've got more than 2 pairs of full range speakers or components to install, a 6-channel amplifier may be what you need. 6-Channel amps are very versatile and can even 2 channels can usually be bridged to power a subwoofer if your application requires it.

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