Remote Starters
Whether you live in a climate where temperatures drop below freezing, or the summer sun drives temperatures in your vehicle to dangerous levels, a remote start system might be something to consider? These handy little gadgets allow you to start your vehicle from the safety of your home or office so your vehicle will be warm or cool when the time comes for you to enter your vehicle and be on your way. Just imagine no more scraping ice off windows, or getting into a steaming-hot car or truck. The rising popularity of remote start systems even prompted car manufacturing companies to provide them as an option in their new cars. Whether you are considering buying a remote start system or including it as an option in your new car, we have many choices for you to pick from.

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This is a stand-alone remote starter and it operates independently. It's usually an "entry level" model—meaning that it has few, if any options. This model usually comes with two single button key-chain remotes which transmits a signal (one way) to the vehicle on a lower power "radio frequency" (RF) band. This unit will generally have a range of about 800 to 1,000 feet.

A more deluxe version of the above. It comes with (2) four button key-chain remotes and options that may include: keyless entry, trunk release, panic/horn honk and many more convenient features. Our most popular model, the G7 is also crush proof and water resistant. It has an extended range antenna; giving it an overall range of 3,000 feet.

Two way means when you transmit a signal to your vehicle to start, lock, unlock, etc., your vehicle transmits a signal back to the LCD/LED screen on your key-chain remote, giving you a visual confirmation and ability to monitor your vehicle status. Most models will come with two key-chain remotes, with options that include keyless entry, trunk release, panic/horn honk and a wide variety of other convenient options many people enjoy. These models will generally have a range of up to 1 mile.

Identical to the system above, but with the added convenience of a total vehicle security system, complete with: shock sensor, current sensor, door trigger, flashing LED light for the dash, starter interrupt, 120db siren and much more!

Is your alarm going off because someone sneezed a little too close? Is the sound of an alarm even a deterrent anymore? We'll answer all your questions and show you the latest in car security.

Car Alarms
Keep your ride and audio equipment safe with our state of the art car alarms. Our alarms range from standard remote armed systems to solutions with keyless entry, remote start options, and vehicle monitoring capability

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